Washington returns with a new preamble to the theft of Iraq’s electricity.. The ambassador’s moves “confuse the cards.”

Washington returns with a new preamble to the theft of Iraq's electricity.. The ambassador's moves
Washington returns with a new preamble to the theft of Iraq's electricity.. The ambassador's moves "confuse the cards."

The US ambassador is proposing new electricity contracts for American companies in Iraq, despite the negative impact of previous attempts on the Iraqi people. This new proposal comes with a revised preamble.

International companies have attempted to invest in associated gas in Iraq, but the United States has opposed their involvement in the electricity sector. This is to maintain its dominance over the energy market, despite a clear failure to resolve the ongoing crisis.

Ambassador interventions

Regarding the US ambassador’s involvement, Haider al-Lami, the leader of the State of Law Coalition, has criticized the interventions made by US ambassador Elena Romanowsky in the electric energy sector. He emphasizes that America is opposing international companies who aim to improve Iraq’s electricity sector.

During an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, Al-Lami stated that the United States has failed in various areas, particularly in the electricity sector. He cited the shortcomings of General Electric Company’s work from 2003 until the present. Al-Lami further alleged that the US intentionally undermines the electricity sector in Iraq to maintain leverage over the government.

He stated, “Siemens, a German company, was not allowed by America to construct an innovative electrical system that could have resolved the energy crisis in the nation.” He emphasized that US Ambassador Elena Romanowski does not have the power to engage in illegal interventions and force new American companies to work in Iraq.

He stated that Washington is persistently causing harm to the Iraqi people, especially during the summer season. He also mentioned that America is opposing international companies that are implementing modern and advanced programs to improve Iraq’s electricity sector.

* Fighting global companies

Furthermore, Sabah Al-Aqili, a political analyst, accuses Washington of exerting its influence on the energy sector by signing contracts with American General Electric. Al-Aqili also asserts that the United States is intentionally obstructing the transfer of Iraqi funds to Iran.

During an interview with a news agency, Al-Aqili stated that America has hindered numerous contracts with various companies, including Germany’s Siemens. He also highlighted that Washington is persisting with their approach towards handling the energy sector in Iraq.

He said that America prevented Iraq from finalizing a deal with Siemens, a German company that has successfully improved energy systems in several countries in the region. He also noted that one reason for the decline in energy is the Ministry of Electricity’s insufficient preparation for the summer season.

Al-Aqili explains that America is still exerting control over the energy sector in Iraq by exclusively contracting with US General Electric and not considering other international companies.

It is important to mention that Siemens, a German company, had a plan to set up large stations in Iraq that could have met the country’s energy needs by investing in the associated gas released from oil fields. Unfortunately, the plan was abandoned by America.

The causes of the crisis?

Hussein Al-Sabri, a member of the House of Representatives, has shed light on the reasons behind the worsening electricity crisis in Iraq. He has expressed his disappointment over the current crisis, which he believes has caused great suffering to the Iraqi people. Al-Sabri has also pointed out America’s role in exacerbating the situation.

During an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, Al-Sabri expressed his disappointment about the electricity crisis in Iraq. The provision of electric power has been declining, causing frequent power outages lasting for two to four hours per day, especially with the onset of summer season.

He stated that the government’s efforts and meetings with Siemens in Germany to improve the electrical sector by agreeing with American General Electric Company did not result in any noticeable change or action in the current state of affairs.

As the summer season approaches, the recurring electricity crisis resurfaces annually, with no progress from successive governments in finding lasting solutions. Washington’s interference in imposing contracts and the Ministry of Electricity’s oversight of secondary reasons are the main contributing factors to this ongoing issue.


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