Warnings of The Closure of Al-Faw Port and Blocking The Way for Ships Because of Kuwait

iraqi dinar news today
iraqi dinar news today

Mr. Sabah Al-Aqili, a political analyst warned everyone, of an economic disaster that can fell upon Iraq if the shipment road might get block, some ports like Al-Faw are closed, and due to Khor Abdullah’s control over kuwait marine oil transports are stopped.

Al-Agaili said, In UN Security Council Resolution 1993 No. 833, it is recorded that Kuwait has the right over Khawr Abd Allah and nearby areas Al-Amiya included, and it is written in history about the ownership of this region to Iraq.

He also said, Iraq has the right to complain together with the United Nations to oppose this decision, and if needs to, utilize International Court of Justice to look upon maps and documents again which proves the rightful ownership of the region to Iraq.

And he pointed that the existence of Iraqi ports will be finished due to Kuwait’s control over Khawr Abd Allah, chiefly the port of Faw, resulting in the destruction of Iraqi economy, many ports and oil transports goes through it, and with the roundabout way for trading ships to dock at the great port of Faw

He indicated that, different political images praised Kuwait in 2015 when they collected presents and bribry from Kuwait’s officials to turn a blind eye in matters regarding Khawr Abdullah file.


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