To control the money… Parliamentary Finance accuses America of putting pressure on the Central Bank

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Moeen Al-Kadhimi, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, accused the United States of America of preventing the Federal Bank of Iraq from accessing the funds on Saturday.

Al-Kadhimi said in a meeting with the Maalouma Organization, that “American predominance over crafted by the National Bank should be steady with the vision of the Central bank and the American Depository.”

He added, “endeavors are being made by the National Bank of Iraq to arrive at traders’ settlements all through the world.”

Al-Kadhimi brought up that “settlements gave by the National Bank of Iraq to traders to import products go on regardless of American tension.”

Individual from Parliamentary Money, Mustafa Sanad, had recently affirmed that America is driving imperialism and worldwide shakedown against Iraq by causing an expansion in the dollar swapping scale, scrutinizing the quietness of the political coalitions with respect to this.


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