The series of American lies and Iraqi Kurdistan oil

The series of American lies and Iraqi Kurdistan oil

When discussing America, some people claim it is unfair to criticize the country because it has a robust democratic system and solid institutions and serves as a model for the free world. However, those who hold this opinion often ignore the lies and deceit within the government. Former American ambassador in Baghdad, James Jeffrey, made false statements regarding Iran’s control over Iraqi decisions, specifically related to the Kurdistan Region’s inability to export oil through Turkish territory. This statement reflects a selective and hostile narrative towards the Iraqi government. It is important to note that Mr. Jeffrey’s statement is a blatant lie, as evidence shows that Turkey is responsible for the obstruction. Mr. Jeffrey has a history of making false claims, and it is possible that he was paid for his statements.

Last June, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil delegation visited Ankara to discuss the resumption of Iraqi oil exports to Turkey. However, Turkish officials cited technical reasons and obstacles related to the conveyor pipeline’s condition and its exposure to damage from an earthquake. The rejection was reiterated during the Iraqi oil minister’s visit on August 20th. The issue was further discussed when the Turkish Foreign Minister visited Baghdad at the end of August. During the meeting, Hakan Fidan conveyed Ankara’s requirements for the repumping of oil from Iraqi Kurdistan through the Turkish pipeline, which included certain conditions.

1- Iraq pulled out of the grievance documented against Turkey at the Worldwide Court of Mediation in Paris, where the court committed the Turkish side to pay a measure of $1.5 billion for disregarding the law and trading oil without concurring with the national government in Baghdad.

2- Iraq compensates the Turkish companies operating the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline, which were damaged due to the cessation of oil exports.

3- Iraq remunerates the Turkish organizations working on the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline, which were harmed because of the end of oil sent out.

4- Installment of $7 for each barrel of Iraqi oil sent out through the port of Ceyhan to the Turkish side.

Notwithstanding different subtleties that mirror Turkey’s egotism and its bartering with Iraq in this monetary document, which Jeffrey couldn’t see, maybe because of reasons connected with the shakedown way of behaving, which he used to work on during his strategic work, so in the event that Turkey’s prerequisites are this way, who controls this record, Mr. Jeffrey!! Isn’t it the party that sets the circumstances and deals with Iraq in regards to the water issue, or is the American lying, manufacturing emergencies, and nailing allegations to Iran and the Baghdad government typical Zionist-American way of behaving for which nobody considers you responsible??

Truly America’s deliberately ignoring psychological militant gatherings, its strategic help, and its concealment of rebellious components working in Iraq are pretty much as undeniable, and assuming there is anything astonishing, it is the issuance of an assertion from a legitimate American authority to introduce reality all things considered, and the matter applies to many records that The White House government is utilizing it to extort the Iraqi government, determined to debilitate it and foiling its endeavors, and it does not merit all the difficulty you have caused in demonstrating the dubious, modest, bogus claims with nonsensical objectives.


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