The Oil and Gas Law Takes Center Stage Amidst Assurances That The Problems of Baghdad and Erbil will Not be Solved

Iraqi Dinar
Iraqi Dinar

Ghaleb Muhammad Ali, formerly known as a member of the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee, firmly established that the troubles between Baghdad and Erbil on the oil file will not be solved from the oil and gas law, indicating that the Kurdistan government is trying to make us of the region’s oil powers that they own, in time when Federal Court makes a decision the constrains the government control over this file.

Ali said to Al-Maalouma that the oil and gas law will start cat and mouse chase and many more troubles will come to the grounds if it is a political and technical law that is. From the technical point of view, oil dealings will not be affected, even if it is regional or with other provinces.

He also said that the Federal Court made a decision demanding the federal government control the file both inside and outside of the region, and compelled the government that the Ministry of Oil and SOMO have the oil management fully under control, and resulting in the oil and gas law not controverting with the court’s decision

He replied to Ali, that the troubles between the center and the region would not be solved by the oil and gas law, because Kurdistan is looking to gain all the powers they can get from the region’s oil for their own desires, on the other hand center want the powers for their own needs.


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