The Iraqi President requests Chinese support in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure

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Iraqi President Abdul Latif Jamal Rasheed, on Tuesday, called for international support to coordinate the fight against terrorism, while seeking Chinese support in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure.

Abdul Latif Jamal Rasheed said in an interview with the Chinese News Agency (Xinhua), that Iraq has suffered from terrorism for a long time, and calls on the international community to cooperate and coordinate to continue fighting terrorism.

He added that the rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia is a positive step to strengthen security, stability and peace, and appreciate the efforts made by China and Iraq for that rapprochement.

He said that Iraq needs the support of the international community and the contribution of international companies in the fields of construction and development of infrastructure, electricity, water, energy and other services.

He confirmed that Iraq needs to build roads, bridges and dams, as well as railways and other matters related to infrastructure improvement, and Chinese companies can support Iraq in this regard. Iraq.

And the Iraqi President welcomed the conferences held to improve the environment and combat climate change because it has a great impact on human health and the future as well as on our future generations.

He added that the global civilization initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping is important and there is a need for coordination and cooperation in order to revive ancient civilizations in the fields of culture and knowledge with all parties.


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