The European Union invites Baghdad and Erbil to implement the Sinjar Agreement

The European Union invites Baghdad and Erbil to implement the Sinjar Agreement
The European Union invites Baghdad and Erbil to implement the Sinjar Agreement

Praying for the European Union, on Thursday, the federal government, and the Kurdistan Regional Government, to move forward in the implementation of the agreement, and to support the adoption of the Yazidi Survivors’ Law in Iraq, stressing the need to facilitate the acquisition of compensation as stipulated in the law.

Al-Ittihad confirmed in a statement to Shafaq News Agency that it stands “strongly behind the unity of Iraq, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, with full respect for ethnic and religious diversity”, while at the same time stating “the commitment of the Government of Iraq to protect and improve the conditions of people belonging to vulnerable communities in the country, including Yazidis”.

He said that “the Yazidi community in Iraq continues to face great challenges, and these include various obstacles that prevent the displaced from returning to their homes, especially in Sinjar, and the limited access to basic social services, and security concerns, such as the latest episodes of hate speech, which is condemned by the European Union. strongly”.

The individual urged the European Union, the government of Iraq, and the government of the Kurdistan Region to carry out the Sinjar agreement, including the selection of a mayor for Sinjar. This will facilitate the implementation of other terms of the agreement, such as the restoration of essential public services in the area.

According to Al-Ittihad, the federal budget has provided enough confidence for the employment of 2,500 local security personnel to continue without any more delays, as stated in the agreement. They urged all parties to collaborate with the United Nations and the international community.

And the European Union called for “facilitating the improvement of obtaining the compensations stipulated in the law”, as well as “the decree on ownership of the Yazidi lands passed by the government of Iraq in December 2022 and looking forward to concrete steps to ensure its quick and complete implementation”.

The European Union emphasized its encouragement to the Iraqi authorities to “expand the scope of their support to the Yazidi community through specific and gender-specific initiatives, and that these actions aim to enjoy civil, cultural, economic, political, and social rights, guarantee access to basic services, provide asylum, discuss missing persons, and mental health.” And social psychological support, academic and economic opportunities.

And the union stressed the necessity of “continuing accountability to achieve justice for the victims and survivors, as well as guaranteeing local participation with local communities, and creating suitable conditions for their safe and dignified return to their destinations and continuing to pay compensation.”

According to the statement, the European Union, as a long-term supporter of the rights of the Yazidi community and its protection, “leads international efforts to strengthen accountability for the atrocities committed by ISIS against them.”

Al-Itihad said, “Many of the members of the Yazidi community who escaped from Daesh and came to the European Union through resettlement programs and realize the importance of the Yazidi community as a valuable part of the European Union.”

And the final statement of the European Union, to the commitment to continue supporting the government of Iraq in “strengthening democratic and inclusive governance, and guaranteeing the full participation of all segments of the Iraqi society, including women and youth, and various ethnic and religious communities.”


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