The coordination framework decides on individual electoral participation and talks about Kuwait and Saddam Hussein


On Thursday, the Shiite forces participating in the Iraqi government’s coordination framework decided to take part in the upcoming local elections on December 18. They will do this by submitting individual lists. Additionally, they raised the topic of border demarcation between Iraq and Kuwait.

During a routine meeting held this evening at the office of Ammar al-Hakim, the head of the Wisdom Movement, a statement was made in the presence of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, as reported by the Shafaq News agency.

During the meeting, they discussed the latest political, security, and service updates, and also talked about the upcoming local elections and the preparations for them.

The coordination framework has expressed its commitment to conducting “professional and unbiased” local elections, and encourages the people of Iraq to actively participate and fulfill their national duty.

The coordination framework has decided to participate in the upcoming local elections with multiple lists. However, they have agreed that all the lists will come together and form a coalition after the elections.

In regards to the fabricated crisis concerning the borders of Iraq and Kuwait, the coordination framework expressed concern over individuals who attempt to cover up the atrocities committed by Saddam’s regime. They are distorting the truth by accusing successive governments since 2003 of making baseless concessions and spreading lies about new concessions. This disregards the tragedy inflicted upon both nations by the oppressive regime’s invasion of Kuwait in August 1990.

On Wednesday, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied giving up Iraq’s sovereignty over its land and sea, and handing over territories from Basra Governorate to Kuwait. They emphasized that this decision was made by the UN Security Council in the 1990s.

News has been circulating in local and social media that negotiations between Iraq and Kuwait regarding their border demarcation may lead to the relinquishment of lands in the Umm Qasr district of Basra Governorate to Kuwait.

In recent days, several deputies and officials have cautioned against surrendering sections of Iraq to Kuwait. Meanwhile, residents of Basra protested in Umm Qasr to voice their opposition to the proposal.


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