Al-Musawi: The American plots are in favor of overthrowing the government

iraqi news

Former Deputy Prime Minister Hamid al-Mousawi, the second, the US side accused the dollar crisis of delaying the lifting of the popular opposition towards the Iraqi government.

During a televised interview watched by many, Al-Moussawi stated that there seems to be an intention from the United States to obstruct the success of the government. He also emphasized that the Iraqi banking sector is currently under scrutiny from American politicians.

He said the government needs to act fast to prevent any negative consequences from Western pressure. If the US sanctions persist, the dollar could reach a value of two thousand dinars per dollar.

He suggested that the United States is attempting to incite another round of protests in October to destabilize the government of Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, similar to what happened with Adel Abdul-Mahdi.


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