Saudi Arabia is preparing “large” investment projects in the “capital of Islamic civilization” in Iraq

Iraqi news

hAn Iraqi government official announced on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia plans to make significant investments in Samarra District, within Saladin Governorate, known as the capital of Islamic civilization..
According to the Mayor of Samarra, Bakr Muhammad Sharif, the Saudi ambassador to Baghdad recently visited the city and confirmed plans for Saudi investment companies to enter the areas of reconstruction, construction, infrastructure rehabilitation, and various projects within the judiciary sector.
“The plan is still under preparation and its details have not been announced yet,” said Saudi Ambassador Abdul Aziz Al-Shammari.
Ambassador Al-Shammari recently visited the city of Samarra, accompanied by a delegation from the Iraqi-Saudi Friendship Committee, and viewed the Malawi Minaret and listened to an explanation about the history of its construction and the historical monuments it contains, along with a tour of the city’s streets.
Samarra, situated in Salah al-Din Governorate, lies to the east of the Tigris River, approximately 125 km north of Baghdad. This region holds great historical significance due to its remarkable landmarks and archaeological sites that date back to the era of the Abbasid Caliphate. It was even designated as the capital of the state for a certain period of time. In recognition of its importance, UNESCO included it in the World Heritage List in 2007..


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