Revealing a “new” landing of American aircraft at Ain al-Assad Air Base

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A security source in Anbar Governorate uncovered, on Friday, that Ain al-Asad Air Base saw the arrival of one more number of American freight planes in the midst of phenomenal prudent steps on the base structure in regions west of Anbar.
The source said in an explanation to the Maalouma Organization, “Ain al-Asad base in Hit region, west of Anbar, saw the arrival of one more number of American freight planes without knowing whether they were stacked with individuals and military gear.”
The source added, “The American powers positioned inside the Al-Assad base structure went to extraordinary preparatory lengths that harmonized with the setting down of the freight plane,” showing that “the region of the western Anbar desert towards the region of the Syrian profundities saw the strengthening of flying surveillance activities by American airplane without knowing the genuine explanations for the elevated observation tasks.” “.

It is interesting that the Ain al-Asad air base, west of Anbar, has seen an increase in the number of American cargo planes landing inside the base building during the current period without knowing more about the planes’ payloads.


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