Representatives are demanding the end of the appointment of the Central Bank Governor for these reasons

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Representatives have demanded that Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani take action to remove Ali Al-Alaq from his position as Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, citing several reasons.
During a press conference on Thursday, representatives Al-Ashraf Hadi Al-Salami and Ahmed Al-Sharmani demanded the end of the governor’s assignment at the Central Bank. This request was previously communicated to the Prime Minister in a letter dated 26 July 2023. The demand was based on Central Law No. 56 of 2004, specifically Article 13, Article 61 of the Constitution, House of Representatives Law No. 13 of 2018 in Article 15 Fourth, and Article 49 of the Iraqi Constitution. Additionally, the appointment of ambassadors and individuals in particular positions is based on Article Fifth of the Constitution, which requires a proposal from the Council of Ministers. Furthermore, Article 44 Second of the House of Representatives Law of 2018 specifies that those in agency duties should hold their positions for no more than six months from the date of appointment, and the recommending party must propose the meeting to the Council within three months.
The speaker made a request to the Prime Minister to remove the current Central Bank Governor from their position. This was due to the governor’s mismanagement, inability to control the increase in the dollar exchange rate in the parallel market, and failure to take legal action against banks involved in dollar smuggling and money laundering, which the we had sanctioned. The governor also abstained from the daily sales bulletin.


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