Ports Achieved Half a Trillion Dinars in Revenue During The First Half of This Year

iraqi dinar
iraqi dinar

Information / Baghdad…

The General Company for Iraqi Ports announced, on Wednesday, the achievement of half a trillion dinars in revenue during the first half of 2023

“The financial revenues of the Iraq Ports Company amounted to nearly half a trillion Iraqi dinars, during the first six months of the current year 2023,” said Farhan Al-Fartousi, Director General of Iraq Ports, in a statement received by Al-Maloumah.

He added, “These revenues exceeded by a large margin the revenues achieved during the same period in the previous two years.”

He continued, “The exceptional financial achievement reflects the success of the development plans adopted by the company’s management under the supervision of the minister, which reflects the strength and sustainability of the company’s growth and its ability to achieve good financial profits.”

He stressed that “the company’s management focused on improving the port infrastructure and developing the maritime fleet, in addition to achieving pressure on expenses and relying on local national skills,” noting that “the financial revenues achieved in 2023 significantly exceeded the numbers recorded in the same period of the previous two years.”

Al-Fartousi pointed out, according to the statement, that “the Iraq Ports Company is keen to continue implementing its strategic plan for development, in order to maximize government revenues and provide job opportunities for Iraqi youth,” explaining that “the plan aims to improve performance and efficiency in ports, develop infrastructure, in addition to benefiting from the latest technology to transform ports into smart ports that meet the needs of the global market.


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