Political movement: Washington does not want stability in Iraq and is angry with the people’s satisfaction with the government

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Jawad Rahim Al-Saadi, Secretary-General of the Jihad and Construction Movement, stated on Thursday that America and Iraq’s adversaries are not interested in the stability of the nation, particularly its security situation. He mentioned that the most irritating thing for them is the contentment of the people with the government at present.
Al-Saadi informed Al-Maalouma that Iraq has robust intelligence services capable of identifying and preventing any attempts to jeopardize security or execute terrorist operations outside the country before they penetrate Iraqi territory.
He added that Iraq has started to recover security wise after defeating terrorism, but some people are trying to create problems and disturbances after recognizing that the populace is happy with the government.
He also noted that the enemies of Iraq, including the American side, are enraged by the satisfaction of the people with the government. Al-Saadi revealed that some individuals aim to ensure instability in the country and maintain security tensions in various regions and governorates.


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