Parliamentary Finance calls for controlling the runaway dollar

iraq news

On Tuesday, Individual from the Parliamentary Money Board of trustees, Khalil Dim, approached the National Bank to go to pressing lengths to evaporate the wellsprings of dollar sneaking and control the underground market.

Dosky said in a meeting with the Maalouma Organization, “Shippers’ inability to stick to the electronic stage and depending on the underground market prompted an expansion in the cost of the dollar in nearby business sectors.”

He added, “The main arrangement is to compel traders to stick to the stage and control the underground market.”

Dosky brought up that “there is a hesitance among dealers to enter the electronic stage to purchase the dollar.”

The Iraqi dinar has been going through an unenviable circumstance for almost 20 years. After one dinar was worth 3 and a half dollars during the previous 100 years, it arrived at more than 1,550 to one US dollar, which made the Iraqi economy decline.


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