Parliamentary calls to change the governor of the Central Bank and hold him responsible for the deterioration of the dinar

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MP Ahmed Majeed Al-Sharmani called for the removal of the Central Bank Governor, Ali Al-Alaq, and holding him accountable for the depreciation of the Iraqi dinar on Saturday.
During an interview with Maalouma Agency, Al-Sharmani emphasized the urgent need to change the governor of the Central Bank. He expressed concern that the Central Bank’s actions are causing harm to citizens. Al-Sharmani pointed out that the Iraqi dinar has declined against the dollar due to conflicts in currency sales on black and parallel markets. He further highlighted fundamental errors in the Central Bank’s operations.
Al-Sharmani noted that the House of Representatives has a moral and constitutional obligation to rectify the Central Bank’s errors.
Muhammad Al-Saadi, a researcher in economic affairs, expressed concern over the persistent increase in the dollar exchange rate in the parallel market. He cited the presence of numerous speculators and financial mafias who aim to monopolize the markets and exchange companies, thereby controlling the foreign currency.


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