Parliament will ask the Central Governor about the dollar next week… Representative Hussein Arab

Parliament will ask the Central Governor about the dollar next week… Representative Hussein Arab

Hussein Arab, the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Work Committee, has expressed concern that the funds deposited by bank customers are at risk and has highlighted the need to hold the Central Bank accountable for dollar transfers. He also confirmed that Parliament intends to submit a parliamentary question to the Central Bank Governor early next week.

Some influential individuals at the Central Bank are causing delays in the dollar-selling procedures, favoring the black market. Additionally, one of these influential individuals has intervened to remove my statements about the dollar from the media.

How can a non-Iraqi bank receive 75% of dollar sales when the Jordanian Capital Bank owns 61% and the Cairo Amman Bank of Jordan owns 9%, with daily transfers of $120 million to them? Meanwhile, the 80 Iraqi banks together only hold a 20% share. The National Bank of Jordan receives $4 billion a month from Iraq.

The invoices were fraudulent in the past, but now they are legitimate, albeit at twice the cost. This is a clear scheme against the Iraqi economy carried out by Iraqis themselves. We must unite and take a strong stance against stealing funds from Iraqi citizens.

Depositors’ money in banks is currently at risk. The government has restricted the circulation of the dollar but has authorized the establishment of official accounts in dollar currency. Certain banks cannot provide cash in Iraqi dinar due to a lack of support from the central bank. We are moving towards the reconstruction of Iraq and will be taking action in Parliament to hold the central bank responsible for dollar transfers.

Next week, during the parliamentary sessions, we plan to ask the Governor of the Central Bank a question. If we discover any collusion by individuals or the administration of the House of Representatives, the public’s opinion will remain unchanged. Unfortunately, political chambers have weakened the House of Representatives role in many ways, so political decisions hold more weight. As a result, we will take official measures within the House.

The Al-Basas coalition aims to reach state leadership through the democratic process of ballot boxes, as civil political identity disturbs dominant powers. I do not prefer demonstrations.

In 2021, independents’ votes reached 2.48 million, a significant number.

There are political parties that receive funding from foreign sources. However, our group, which consists of merchants and businessmen in the Basic Alliance, relies on self-financing. We do not have millions to donate to candidates within our bloc, so each member funds their own contributions.


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