Parliament reveals details of the ministerial changes report

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Today, on Sunday, Suhaila Al-Sultani, a Member of the House of Representatives, shared information about the ministerial evaluation report that was created by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani. However, she clarified that the report has not yet been received by the House of Representatives. During an interview with the Maalouma Agency, Al-Sultani mentioned that ministerial reshuffles are expected to happen but the timing has not been decided yet as there are various factors that need to be considered before making any changes. She also stated that the evaluation report that was intended to be sent to the House of Representatives is still with the Prime Minister’s Office.
She explained that there are some major departments that have not yet completed their evaluation due to the numerous details and branches involved in the evaluation process. She mentioned that the House of Representatives has not received the evaluation report yet.
In her speech, Al-Sultani stated that the report would be sent to Parliament for the purpose of voting on the ministerial changes that received poor evaluations. She also mentioned that the evaluation would be conducted by a specialized committee and the results would be coordinated accordingly.
The Sudanese government is implementing a comprehensive evaluation system to assess the performance of ministers, agents, and general directors. This is in line with their efforts to bring about changes that align with their program. Previous governments, particularly the Al-Kadhimi government, had a tendency to rely on the agency system rather than originality, resulting in a heavy legacy. Additionally, some agents and directors have been in the same position for over ten years, which the government aims to address.


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