More than $230 million in Iraqi Central sales at auction today

iraq news
iraq news

Shafaq News / Central bank revenue recently exceeded $230 million.

Press journalist Shafaq explained: “The Central Bank recently sold 232 million, 354 million and 316 dollars for its enchantments to the United States and in the sale of US dollars, which brought the bank change of 1,305 dinars per dollar for the loan documents.” International regulations apply electronically at a rate of 1,310 dinars per dollar for the transfer of funds and at a rate of 1,310 dinars per dollar.

Not corresponding to ajouté; “The majority of the US dollar revenue was intended to enhance the $216 million, $814 million and $316 million funds sold to the bank, leaving $14 million and $540 million, leaving them with no revenue.”

Our correspondent explained: “The banks each holding dollars are limited to 8 banks in particular, and the number of banks to which they must respond requires the reinforcement of funds sold to the sender at 22 banks, as well as the total number of exchange and intermediary companies participants at the end of 56 companies.


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