Masrour Barzani announces the submission of two proposals to Baghdad regarding Kurdistan’s dues and raises hope for the Council of Ministers session

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Shafaq News/The State leader of the Kurdistan Territorial Government, Masrour Barzani, reported early today, Friday, that his administration had presented two proposition to the national government with respect to taking care of the issue of getting the monetary privileges of individuals of the area.

Barzani said in a public interview after the finish of his discussion from Baghdad: ” We, as the appointment of the Kurdistan Territorial Government, came to Baghdad to protect the established privileges of individuals of Kurdistan and to arrive at a few answers for the ongoing issues with the central government.”

He added: We at first had an escalated and meaningful conversation with the Head of the state and afterward with the Leader of the Republic, the Speaker of Parliament, and the heads of the ideological groups. We requested that these issues be settled in any capacity, and we introduced two recommendations, present moment and long haul, to give monetary advantages to the Kurdistan Locale.

He continued, “With regard to the short-term proposal, a Council of Ministers session will be held on Sunday, and the political parties that we met expressed their support for the proposal so that we can provide the salaries of employees in the region for this year. With regard to the long-term proposal, we need to legislate and amend some laws.” We are looking forward to Sunday’s Council of Ministers session. To move these techniques to the leader side.”


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