“Manipulating the dollar at an Iraqi airport.” A deputy identifies the bank and calls on the Sudanese to intervene

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The representative of Najaf Governorate, Ahmed Majeed, demanded on Thursday that Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani intervene to stop the manipulation and embezzlement of dollars at the Mosul Bank branch located at Najaf airport.
According to Majeed who spoke to Shafaq News agency, the Integrity Commission disclosed that the Al-Najaf Airport Branch of the Mosul National Bank for Investment and Development converted the airport’s balance from dollars to dinars using the official rate. Additionally, the branch closed its current account despite the existence of funds in dollars.
He stated that the Bank of Mosul is affiliated with one of the economic parties and has resulted in the misappropriation of public funds totaling 1.14 billion dinars. This was done through the conversion of revenue from dollars to dinars and the disbursement of funds at the official exchange rate.
Majeed has confirmed that a request has been made to Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani to conduct a thorough investigation into embezzlement of funds. The director of Najaf Airport is seeking exemption due to collusion between the airport administration and the bank’s administration.
The Federal Integrity Commission recently announced that it has taken charge of investigating violations committed by the Mosul National Bank for Investment and Development – Najaf Airport Branch. These violations resulted in a loss of more than one billion dinars due to the airport administration’s failure to take action. The bank is legally responsible for these losses and has benefited from them. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain a comment from the bank or Najaf airport regarding this matter.


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