It included ministers, representatives, and governors.. Integrity announces the issuance of 42 arrest and recruitment orders within a month

iraqi news

Shafaq News/The Government Respectability Commission reported, on Friday, the absolute capture and enlistment orders gave and executed against senior authorities and those with high positions during the long stretch of last August.

The Commission’s Examinations Division showed in an explanation got by Shafaq News Organization, that “the legal specialists gave (42) capture and request orders against the setting of cases researched by the Commission’s examination directorates and workplaces in Baghdad and the governorates and alluded them to the legal executive, making sense of that among those orders gave against (38) senior authorities with high positions for the period from (1-31/8/2023), (5) capture orders, and (37) enrollment orders.”

According to the department, “the orders included, in addition to former governors, (2) members of the current House of Representatives, a former minister, (3) former ones, a current deputy minister, and (2) former ones.” In addition, the orders included a former governorate council member, eight current general directors, fourteen former general directors, and four predecessors.


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