Iraq’s financial revenues exceed 65 trillion dinars within 7 months, and an expert comments

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Shafaq News/The Service of Money uncovered, on Sunday, that the volume of Iraqi monetary incomes in the government spending plan during seven months surpassed 65 trillion dinars, affirming that the oil commitment to the spending plan has ascended to 95%, while a financial expert trusts that non-oil incomes “won’t move along.”

Shafaq News Organization followed the information and tables gave by the Service of Money this September for the records from January until last July for the ongoing financial year, which showed that oil is as yet the primary asset for Iraq’s general spending plan, coming to 95%, which It demonstrates that the rentier economy is the premise of Iraq’s general financial plan.

After excluding transfer revenues, which totaled one trillion and 995 billion and 73 million and 713 thousand dinars, the financial tables indicated that the total expenditures with advances amounted to 52 trillion and 916 dinars. The total revenues up until July of last year were 65 trillion and 195 billion and 3 million and 735 thousand and 974 dinars. One billion and 562 million and 761 thousand dinars.

As per the monetary tables, oil incomes added up to 62 trillion and 259 billion and 118 million and 923 thousand and 534 dinars, which comprise 95% of the general spending plan, while non-oil incomes added up to two trillion and 935 billion and 884 million and 812 thousand and 439 dinars.

from his side; In an interview with Shafaq News Agency, economist Muhammad al-Hassani stated, “The Iraqi economy is a rentier economy that depends on taxes and customs for non-oil revenues.” “Non-oil revenues will not improve or rise as long as Iraq lacks domestic industrial and agricultural production,” he added.

He brought up that “the progressive legislatures of the Iraqi state didn’t immediate the excess oil incomes coming about because of the ascent in oil costs towards venture and the improvement of the modern and farming base, yet rather depended on imports to address nearby issues,” focusing on that “Iraq has turned into a living off adjoining nations.”

The State leader’s Guide for Monetary Issues, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, affirmed in Walk 2021, in a meeting with Shafaq News Organization, that the explanations behind the economy remaining rentier are because of wars and the burden of the financial barricade on Iraq during the previous time and the political contentions we are seeing today, which prompted the scattering of… for monetary assets.

The Iraqi state’s proceeded with dependence on oil as the sole wellspring of the general spending plan seriously endangers Iraq from the worldwide emergencies that happen occasionally on the grounds that oil is impacted by them, which makes the nation turn each opportunity to cover the shortage through getting from abroad or inside, and consequently shows the failure to Overseeing state reserves actually, and the powerlessness to track down elective funding arrangements.


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