Iraqi PM unveils new projects and compensation in Maysan

Iraqi PM unveils new projects and compensation in Maysan
Iraqi PM unveils new projects and compensation in Maysan

As part of the 2023 budget, Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani announced a set of new service programs for Maysan governorate.

Our efforts include providing financial compensation to those affected by past floods. We are also organizing a public auction for the gold market in the governorate, which will be limited to practitioners of the Mandean faith in order to assist with migration issues.

A media office statement reported that al-Sudani led a meeting in Maysan with various service department officials, including Governor Ali Duai.

At this meeting, an assessment was made of the services available in different districts and regions of Maysan. The challenges that are hindering the implementation of projects and the needs of residents were discussed in detail.

Al-Sudani expressed gratitude for the efforts of the governorate and its executive departments, affirming that Maysan is making positive strides with its infrastructure projects. In particular, there was recognition for the improvements in sewage services, achieving completion rates between 99% and 100%, surpassing the results seen in other governorates.

During his visit, he made it clear that the main goal was to evaluate Maysan’s overall status in terms of services, livelihood, economy, and security. Al-Sudani emphasized that governorates play a crucial role in the government’s executive functions, and therefore, cooperative efforts and strategic resource allocation must align with governmental priorities.

PM al-Sudani announced that a dedicated government delegation will be sent to supervise the implementation of projects initiated during the visit.

During his speech, he shared new plans outlined in the 2023 budget, which include the building of two 100-bed hospitals in the regions of al-Majar al-Kabir and Ali al-Sharqi.

In addition, it was announced that a sewage treatment station will be installed in Maysan and 90 billion dinars will be given as compensation to flood victims from previous years, specifically for those living in the governorate.

Furthermore, Al-Sudani confirmed that the current budget includes the development of plans for a comprehensive university city in Maysan. These plans will be executed by internationally recognized and specialized companies.

In addition, he oversaw an examination of the practicality of carrying out the southern bypass road initiative in the governorate.

The Prime Minister has emphasized the importance of involving only Mandean faith practitioners in public auctions related to the modern gold market in Maysan. This decision has been taken to preserve the unique profession and prevent the migration of native Iraqis who belong to this community.


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