Iraqi government targets corrupt officials in asset recovery drive, Official

Iraqi government targets corrupt officials in asset recovery drive, Official
Iraqi government targets corrupt officials in asset recovery drive, Official

On Saturday, MP Zahra al-Bajari of the al-Sadiqoun Bloc revealed that the Iraqi government is actively taking steps to address corruption among its members. This includes the issuance of arrest warrants and asset recovery efforts aimed at ministers believed to have misappropriated public funds.

Al-Bajari praised the extensive efforts made by the nation to capture and retrieve assets from individuals accused of corruption under the administration of former Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi. She emphasized that government agencies have taken concrete steps towards this goal, including issuing warrants for the arrest of and asset recovery from the former Minister of Oil.

According to her, the government of al-Sudani is taking significant measures to fight corruption, especially in the groups related to al-Kadhimi’s administration. The regulatory and executive bodies have conducted investigations into significant corruption instances involving influential individuals.

Reports have confirmed that arrest warrants, extradition requests, and asset freezes have been issued against the former Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar. It has been alleged that there were financial irregularities, administrative misconduct, and abuse of power during his tenure, resulting in substantial illicit enrichment.

According to Al-Bajari, Abdul Jabbar allegedly used his authority to appoint his relatives and associates to important positions in the Ministry of Oil. He also created companies under their names, which were then involved in major projects awarded by the ministry. This action seems to go against legal standards.

It has been reported that Abdul Jabbar has been accused of gaining significant financial benefits and enriching his assets, according to regulatory sources. Among these alleged assets are several properties in Basra and Baghdad, valued at millions of dollars. Specifically, Abdul Jabbar is said to have acquired 14 residential properties and villas in a luxurious residential complex located in both cities.

It is suspected that he has purchased real estate in various locations such as the UAE, Lebanon, Turkey, London, and the Caribbean islands. As a result of these revelations, the Integrity Commission and the Public Prosecution have taken action by issuing orders for asset freezing and the recovery of funds associated with Abdul Jabbar and his associates.


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