Warning of “dangerous” plans targeting Iraq.. The US embassy pays for “booby-trapped laws”

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The United States of America continues to be hostile towards Iraq in many political and economic issues, leading to the attempt of the American ambassador, Elena Romansky, to change societal values by promoting and supporting the spread of deviant ideas in many ways that target the society.

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Several warnings have been issued to the Majlis-e-Nawp from the countries that are pushing for the enactment of the “encumbered” laws, which contain clauses that contribute to the destruction of the community and the family if passed, in view of the pressure exerted by some Western embassies in Iraq.

  • Warnings are serious

And in the Hadith from the distance, Washington, in support of the perverted ideas, warns the Trustee of the Al-Ashraf Al-Diniya al-Marjia al-Diniya in Al-Najaf, Al-Ashraf Sayyed Rashid al-Husseini, against the adoption of dangerous laws that try to impose certain laws on the House of Representatives.

Al-Husseini says in Ahad al-Majalis Al-Husseiniyyah, affiliated with the Agency / Al-Maluma / that “some Western travel attempts to impose laws that contain content that contributes to the destruction of society and the family”, pointing out that “the title of the Law on the Protection of Children and Family Violence does not match the material it contains.” to the serious content it carries”.

He prayed, the authority of al-Murgiya: “Abolish these Western plans to spread prostitution and establish it systematically, as well as withdraw from any treaty against prostitution with the West, such as (Saidaw)”, saying that “it is necessary to abolish the Department of Women’s Empowerment, its types and social gender divisions in state institutions.” “.

And follow, al-Husaini hadith: “It is necessary to review the non-governmental organizations, as well as the schools and universities of the West and their colonies in Iraq”, adding that “on the government, the movement of the diplomats of the West and their colonies in the country”.

  • Industry of heterosexuals and homosexuals!

In addition, the member of the Coalition of the State of Law, Abbas al-Maliki, accuses the American Embassy, with its funding, of trying to spread deviant ideas and queer topics, while asserting that they support homosexuality, gender (sex change) and empowering women in order to divide the Iraqi society.

Al-Maliki says, in a hadith of the agency / Al-Maluma /, that “the American embassy and through its paid agents are trying to change the values of the community that deal with all the malicious projects that Washington is trying to spread in the community”, pointing out that “the United States of America is fighting Iraq from all economic, political and cultural axes.” Parenthood”.

As indicated by them, “Washington is attempting to make a jail out of the blacks and the gay people who denounce the bad issues and spread the impropriety through the contemplations they spread”, instead of the American consulate made a few strict pioneers to reinforce the strict power of the Imam of the local area.

  • Shariat Faqeeq al-Mujambad

On the other hand, the leader of Al-Fatah coalition is Al-Hilali, the attention of the American Embassy towards supporting the deviant and deviant ideas is a plan to disintegrate the Iraqi society, while he insists that the United States is promoting deviations in cooperation with some embassies of Western countries.

Al-Hilali says, in a hadith of the agency / Al-Maluma /, that “Washington is working on the application of these pandemic ideas to infect the society”, referring to them, “America has lost its economic power in favor of many emerging countries and is trying to focus on these problems”.

He continued, “trying to incorporate these ideas into international conventions, laws, and norms that regulate international relations so that they can be formally implemented”, as “the United States of America does not grant financial loans from the World Bank except to countries that recognize and adopt homosexuality and heterosexuality in their societies”.

He added: ” The consideration of the Washington Consulate towards supporting thoughts that are freak, strange, and orientation are the designs to separate the Iraqi society”, adding that “this help is remembered for the plans that you have arranged ahead of time, so they can be executed by the time period related to global and nearby occasions.”

Washington turned to the issue of disseminating deviant and deviant ideas and changing genders, after the failure of many cases in which it was involved in the war against Iraq, during the previous period in an attempt to destroy the values and customs that preserve the unity of society, according to observers.


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