Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (12-01-2023)

Iraqi Dinar Guru Update

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The article discusses a concept known as monetary sovereignty and outlines the steps required to achieve it. To become monetarily sovereign, a country needs to remove the US dollar from circulation and replace it with its own currency. However, instead of discarding the US dollars, they are added to the country’s foreign reserves. Therefore, the aim is not to de-dollarize, but rather to build up reserves while simultaneously increasing the supply and velocity of its own currency.

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[via PDK It is December 1st, and we were hoping to have gone by now. Unfortunately, we haven’t, but the Redemption Center staff will be available this weekend. They are optimistic about the next few days, and we can sense that we are close to our goal, which makes the waiting even harder.

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It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t find any concrete information about the Iraqi dinar. The fact remains that there are still certain restrictions on the currency, and Iraq is still under sanctions imposed by the United States. This is the reason why they need to seek permission from the US for some of their actions.

While there have been many positive developments lately coming out of Iraq, we should exercise caution and not get overly excited. Some people have claimed that they have received a message from God, stating that there are no more restrictions on the Iraqi dinar. However, we need to be cautious of such claims, and wait for the news to be confirmed by reliable sources.

If indeed the restrictions are lifted, it would be a significant milestone for Iraq, and a cause for celebration. The lifting of sanctions on the Iraqi dinar would be a huge step forward for the country, and we hope to see positive developments in the near future.[Post 2 of 2]

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Many content creators strive to be the first to break news so that they can say, “See, I told you so!” However, with years of experience, one can move past this desire for recognition. Recently, a content creator claimed that God told her that the Iraqi dinar was no longer restricted. Curious, I decided to investigate this claim myself. I made a call to God, but he did not recall any such information. While it would be wonderful if the claim were true, I cannot confirm it without additional evidence.¬† [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

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Regarding your question about the timing of an event, are you asking if it could happen this weekend or sometime between now and the last week of December? In my opinion, December is an important month to keep in mind if the event stays on schedule as we expect it to occur before the 24th.

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According to an adviser to the Prime Minister, Iraq’s economic policy is moving towards implementing the principle of monetary sovereignty. This is a significant development as it suggests that Iraq is taking steps to regain complete control over its currency. The statement can be interpreted as a positive indication towards the reinstatement and revaluation of Iraq’s currency.

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The National Public Retirement Authority has announced the start of disbursing salaries to retirees this coming Sunday, December 3, 2023. The reduction in oil output by 650,000 barrels is expected to result in an increase in the price of oil and higher rates in the dinar value. Additionally, there has been an official change in the auction practice, and the auctions have been stopped while the banks are now transferring dollars through the designated banks connected with Chase and Citibank. These are all clear signs that we may finally be seeing the expected end.

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We have good contacts in Iraq and we have received information that the ATM machines are now stocked with lower denomination bills such as 10, 20, 50, and 100 dinar notes. These notes are available in the ATM machines located at the airport and border areas in Baghdad. Although they have been operational since Thanksgiving or a little bit before that, they may not be available in all parts of the country yet. However, it is expected to change soon. Moreover, new coins are being minted for the convenience of Iraqi people. Hence, soon they will be able to have some cash in their pockets.


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