Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-31-2023)

Iraqi Dinar Guru Update
Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-31-2023)

Intel Guru Frank26

I have a report about the situation in Iraq. According to Firefly, the television news is reporting that the Central Bank of Iraq is struggling to maintain the exchange rate due to the continuous rise of the American dollar. Frank questions who is responsible for spreading this information and concludes that it is the stubborn Iranian media owners, politicians, and parliament who are refusing to cooperate with Sudani.

Newshound Guru Clare

Article: “What to Bring in Your Bag When Visiting Washington as a Sudanese”Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani has received an official invitation from US President Joe Biden to visit the White House. The visit was postponed for several months due to ongoing controversy inside Iraq since Al-Sudani took office last October. An expert in Iraqi-American affairs and relations suggested that during the visit, Al-Sudani should bring a list of his achievements to prove to the American ally how he plans to deal with them in terms of oil, the economy, the dollar, the banking system, and other related matters.

Intel Guru Frank26

According to the article, “Al-Shammari: No US sanctions on Iraq and negotiations with Iran to create a platform for currencies other than the dollar”, Iraq is now free from US sanctions and can conduct business with other countries, including Iran. This is a significant development for monetary reform, as it allows Iraq to trade with anyone, even with its previous adversary, Iran. It is worth noting that Al-Shammari, who is an advisor to the Prime Minister, confirms this news.

Newshound Guru Samson

Al-Shammari stated there are no US sanctions on Iraq and negotiations with Iran are creating a platform for currencies other than the dollar.

Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat

There is a new statement from the oil industry regarding the draft oil and gas law. The statement says that the government is committed to approving this law, and it is part of the current government session and curriculum. This is great news for us.

Newshound Guru tlm724

According to Al-Shammari, the launch of the platform marks Iraq’s entry into the global financial and economic system. He also clarified that the US Treasury Department has not imposed any sanctions on Iraq. However, he acknowledged that sometimes there could be stricter standards to deliver potential political messages.

Intel/Newshound Guru Babysmom

As per Guru RayRen98, the most recent anticipated opening rates are: Dong – 0.47 and Dinar – 3.81.


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