Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-29-2023)

Iraqi Dinar Guru Update
Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-29-2023)

Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick

In the coming days, Iraqi citizens will be given a new currency, IOO. They are being forewarned of this change.

Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram

Recently, a member of the community claimed that Coinbase was facilitating the exchange of the Iraqi dinar on their platform. Upon verification, it was found to be true – clients can indeed trade cryptocurrency for the Iraqi dinar on Coinbase. Additionally, after conducting further research, it was discovered that clients can purchase the Iraqi dinar using bitcoin.

Intel Guru RayRen98

RayRen mentioned that “three letter peeps” and Iraqis are excited, and bank employees are on notice to be called in over the weekend.

Newshound Guru Pimpy

The difference between the fixed exchange rate and the black market rate is increasing. In the past, when this happened in Iraq, the value of Iraqi dinars increased. It is possible that the exchange rate may increase again by the end of the year, although not significantly. At least it will be a step in the right direction. The increase will happen in increments. It would be nice if it would go back to where it was originally, which was 1,190 dinars for every dollar. Although a better exchange rate would be preferred, this is still good news. This is the second time in a year that the exchange rate is moving in the right direction, which is exactly what we want.

Intel Guru Frank26

The Iraqi citizens hope for a new exchange rate, though it remains unseen.

Newshound Guru Militia Man

Everyone is asking why HCL (Hydrocarbon Law) isn’t done yet. Everybody wants it to happen today. I understand that everyone is eager to see it implemented, but the truth is that we are dealing with something that has never been done before. The law is already written and exists, but it hasn’t been put into action yet. It’s important to note that if the government had planned to implement the law at 1310, 1305 or 1320, they would have already done it by now, but they haven’t. Therefore, we need to hope and pray that what is needed is an international Article VIII compliant exchange rate.


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