Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-25-2023)

Iraqi Dinar Guru Update
Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-25-2023)

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When it comes to the Iraqi dinar, I approach it with a strict adherence to proof. I am a puritan in this sense; I only believe in what can be shown to be true. I don’t have faith in anything that can’t be proven. While I have faith in my own abilities, I don’t subscribe to the notion of “good, ole fashioned faith” as a guiding principle.

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Aki received an update from his friend at an Iraqi bank. His friend, who is also Aki’s boss, advised him to stay put at his current position in the bank located in the southern part of a northern state. Although Aki would prefer to go and live in the north where he owns a home, he is heeding his boss’ advice. It seems like something important is happening, in Aki’s opinion.

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There is currently a global wheat shortage, which is attributed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As a result of drought, flour prices in the United States are expected to rise significantly next year. In the Middle East, dunums is the unit of measurement used for land, with one acre being roughly equivalent to 4 dunums. Iraq is planning to plant 1.5 million dunums in irrigated areas of the desert and 4 million dunums in desert areas using underground water. This planning event will take place in the winter months of October and November and is expected to secure Iraq’s food security for the coming year.

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Iraq is making progress in its efforts to improve the lives of its people by focusing on improving the banking sector and strengthening the economy. However, the ongoing conflicts in the country are causing significant delays and problems, which is not what Iraq needs at this time.

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Here is a report from Iraq about the economy. According to Firefly, a reliable source, a government spokesman sent by Sudani appeared on Iraqi Channel One. The spokesman said that Sudani wants everyone to know that the dinar will soon be stronger than the dollar, although it is not currently. The spokesman also showed clips of past speeches by Sudani, in which he talked about how the dinar will be a pillar of the Middle East and will help fix the global financial world. Firefly thinks this is great news for the monetary reform. Stay tuned for more updates.

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According to an article, the government has proposed to set up 1,600 projects but they have not yet allocated any funds for them. However, as per the latest update, the budget for ongoing projects is expected to reach the government soon. The article further highlights that the government has been paying for everything in dollars and this may not be sustainable for long, as the value of the dollar is likely to decrease by January.

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I am aware that the rate of 1/6 of a penny is being artificially suppressed and manipulated. Considering all the assets that Iraq possesses without any significant banking or economic reforms, the rate should at least be what it was prior to the 1991 invasion and the subsequent 10-year boycott, if not more.

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Yesterday marked the end of the two weeks that Sudani had requested from Iraqi citizens. He had promised to be transparent and answer all their questions. However, they had only one question for him – where is the exchange rate? Soon after, Sudani sent one of his trusted officials to Channel One News to address the public’s concerns. Stay tuned for the Boots on the Ground Fire Fly report, which will cover what the official had to say regarding the dinar exchange rate.

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Via PDK, it has been observed that the news often repeats itself. Numerous articles have been shared in the past few days and weeks about the improvements made in Iraq’s banking system, such as securing their borders and attracting more investment into the banks. However, 85% of the dinar still exists outside the banking system. Despite efforts to make the banking system more attractive, I believe that it will not be successful until there is a change in the value of the dinar. It seems pointless to put money in the banks when it is not worth much.


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