Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-23-2023)

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Newshound Guru Militia Man

Iraq has been present at the UN in New York since the 18th, working on initiatives such as The Path of Development. This plan will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Iraq beyond the oil era, paving the way for prosperity and growth. Sudani’s visit to New York is a significant step, and we will see if it marks the beginning of the next phase of Iraq’s journey.

Newshound Guru Pimpy

It’s great to see positive developments in Iraq. The country is moving towards prosperity. Many people are curious about the status of the dinar and when it might change. While it’s understandable to be excited, it’s important to remember that changes take time. Implementations must be in place before any significant changes can occur.

Intel Guru MarkZ

  [via PDK] Although it has not been officially announced in the Gazette yet, there is a lot of talk in Iraq about a potential rate change happening early in the week. However, despite reports claiming that it has already occurred, my contacts on the ground have confirmed that it has not happened yet. It seems that the excitement and anticipation are building, but the exact date remains unknown as things are intentionally kept unclear. Nevertheless, the outlook is positive and there is a chance that it could happen soon.

Newshound Guru Jeff

I discovered that Fifth Third Bank offers currency exchange at face value.

Intel Guru Angel1

In my opinion, it seems unlikely that we will see any changes in interest rates while Sudani is out of the country and September comes to a close. This week, our attention is on the global sphere, particularly the extent of Iraq’s influence. It appears that their reach extends to our banks, which is noteworthy.

 Intel Guru Frank26

It’s important to closely monitor your dinars and not let them out of your sight. If a bank suggests sending them to another bank for inspection, it’s best to decline as there’s a risk of theft or damage in transit. Some may promise to replace any lost or damaged dinars, but it’s always better to be cautious and trust only those you can rely on.

Newshound Guru Militia Man

During his UN speech, Sudani stated that it is time for Iraq to take its rightful place in the international community. He emphasized the need for Iraq to open up to the world and expand its global presence. This statement is significant as it highlights Iraq’s growing international influence.

Intel Guru MarkZ

 [via PDK] I’ve heard from my sources that Sudani will be returning to Iraq either late tonight or early tomorrow, but I’m still waiting for confirmation. Many people in Iraq believe that this is when the rate change will occur, and I find it to be a plausible possibility. I’m hopeful that this is indeed the case.

Guru Nader From The Mid East

 [Response to needing documents to exchange]  Hello, please prepare your necessary documents. May I ask which specific documents you need to have ready? In general, you only need your passport, driver’s license, or ID to exchange currency, regardless of the amount. Any additional documents are not required.

 Newshound Guru Pimpy

Iraq has faced limited access to the international financial system as a result of US sanctions, which has impeded their ability to participate in global markets and discouraged foreign investment in their economy. The upcoming US House of Representatives session to cancel the authorization for the invasion of Iraq could potentially change this situation. While we cannot guarantee any specific outcomes, there is a possibility that the Iraqi dinar may experience a significant increase in value.

Intel Guru RayRen98 

Just wanted to let you know that the ATMs have been tested and are up and running today. Looks like it’s going to be a great weekend ahead, hoping you have a wonderful time!

Newshound Guru Samson

The US House of Representatives will hold a session next week to cancel the authorization for the invasion of Iraq.

Guest Guru jssmi765

While going through my old documents related to Dinar, I came across one from 2012 that listed all the necessary steps for the RV to occur. Surprisingly, everything that was mentioned in the document has been completed in the last few weeks or days. Moreover, I stumbled upon an old Q&A document from 2011, where a Treasury official, who was one of the original planners of the RV, shared their insights. This document made me a true believer back then. It’s time to realize that this is not a myth but a reality.


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