Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-22-2023)

Iraqi Dinar Guru Update
Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-22-2023)

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There is a lot of confusion surrounding whether the banks in Iraq are under sanctions, and how it is affecting the exchange rate. I have come across articles that state that these banks are under sanctions, but upon visiting the official website, they are not listed there, making it a gray area. The reality is that they are under sanctions, but not officially. It is like they have been put in a ‘time-out’.

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According to an article, there has been a decision to collect fees in Iraqi dinars at the country’s border crossings. This decision aims to preserve the hard currency and strengthen the Iraqi dinar. The ultimate goal is to stop using the US dollar and instead use the Iraqi dinar at customs borders. This move is expected to generate significant revenue for the country. However, any party that does not comply with this decision will face punishment as the authorities are getting stricter.

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Several major powerful countries are entering Iraq, and this will have an impact on its currency exchange rate. The float is likely to increase, so it’s crucial to be astute and closely monitor the rate in the float. Knowing when to hold, fold, or back off is essential to make informed decisions.

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“Al-Alaq emphasizes the importance of stabilizing the dollar price and the need for changes in the trading system.”

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Starting from the beginning of January, the US dollar will no longer be in use, which is expected to have a positive impact on the Iraqi dinar. It is anticipated that we will see an increase in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar shortly after this change takes place.

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There are some interesting articles coming out of Iraq, including one about teachers in Iraqi Kurdistan who are on strike due to delayed salaries. This issue is related to the HCL (HydroCarbon Law) and the money that is meant to be flowing to the Kurdish region. It is crucial that this matter is resolved urgently so that the region can meet its obligations and take care of its people. The new government in Iraq is committed to improving the lives of its citizens and is working hard to fix these issues.

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According to WiserNow, the known currencies are performing well and seeing positive trends in their trading. The Dinar is reported to be doing well, while the Dong has shown some fluctuations. However, it’s encouraging to witness these advancements in the currencies.


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