Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-18-2023)

iraqi dinar

 Intel Guru Frank26

Sudani and Alaq have run out of time…now they have no other decision except for to press the green button and go Global. IMO that is precisely exact thing they’re doing.

Intel Guru MarkZ

[via PDK] User: Mark, do you think we’ll get notified about our exchange appointments before Sudani speaks at the UN?

MarkZ: Based on what I’m hearing, it’s possible that it could happen around the same time. This is what people are talking about on the Iraq side. Sudani is currently in the US and will be addressing the UN this week, which isn’t a secret.

User: So, could it happen before the 21st?

MarkZ: Yes, it’s definitely possible. We’re very close to the deadline.

Newshound Guru Militia Man 

Al Sudani going to New York for seven days to cut bargains? Maybe. We’ll perceive the way that ends up…

Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick

The money related change is exceptionally clearly at the present time. It’s incredibly clearly at this moment. The decibel level is at a stinging point…

 Intel Guru MarkZ

[via PDK] Question: What do you suppose the RV rate for the dinar will be? MarkZ Reply: I accept it will be somewhere in the range of $4 and $6 dollars… simply my perspective.

 Newshound Guru Pimpy

[US Treasury Secretary Elizabeth Rosenberg in Iraq last week] This individual has extensive knowledge and experience in the banking industry. Her current role involves conducting an analysis of a particular bank, with a focus on security measures. Her primary objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of recent reforms and identify any remaining gaps in this area for Iraq. It is important to note that her work does not involve investment-related matters. However, there is a risk that some people may exaggerate the significance of her visit to Iraq and attempt to link it to changes in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar. It is essential to clarify that her purpose is solely to ensure that the designated programs have been properly implemented.

Guru Nader From The Mid East  

A couple article come out today about the HCL has been endorsed and has been initiated today. By the following month every one of the Iraqi residents ought to see a few cash in their banks and that is a decent thing…We ought to see something soon

Intel Guru MarkZ

[via PDK] There were numerous developments over the weekend, particularly with regards to the HCL in the Kurdish region as well as budget agreements. The significant strides made with the HCL has been the hot topic among locals. We are now eagerly anticipating the execution of the HCL. My sources have informed me for the past 15-20 years that once the HCL (hydrocarbon law) is completed and implemented, we would be only a few days away from a rate change. I am thrilled with the progress made over the weekend, which coincides with what my sources have relayed to me. As such, I believe that anything after Wednesday this week could potentially be fair game.

Intel Guru Frank26

Hello, Alaq, how clean is the CBI floor? ‘It’s supper time.’ … I never suspected I’d see the CBI floor so perfect. Iran, Iraq, U.S. Depository meeting with the CBI? How could you give the wolf back access the chicken coop? … Iran said we guarantee [to be good]. Whoa! How clean is that floor at the CBI Alaq? ‘Spotless’

 Newshound Guru Militia Man

All that we’ve been seeing…is showing Iraq will have a major week. Al Sudani is set to show up in New York on the eighteenth. I would envision there will be sideline bargains. On the off chance that you take a gander at the setup from the U.N…Iraq is scheduled [to speak] on Friday the 22nd…Iraq is emerging to the world and we will be a piece of it. I’m truly eager to see it…

 Newshound/Intel Guru RVAlready 

We are in an extraordinary spot. Iraq needs the RV. The business and trade agreements have all been signed. The US needs the RV as well. Time to push the button…I think all that required or needed before the RV is finished. Presently, we simply pause.

 Newshound Guru Clare

The Iraqi delegation, led by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani and Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, will be attending the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The delegation will also be meeting with various world leaders during the event, as stated by Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed al-Sahhaf.

Intel Guru MarkZ

 [via PDK]  A question has arisen regarding the sale of dinar. According to MarkZ, some dinar sellers have been informed that they can no longer sell the currency. This is a fact. MarkZ confirms that smaller dealers have had their supply and purchasing capacity limited, which means they cannot buy as much as they used to. In fact, some have had their access completely cut off, making it impossible for them to get dinar. This raises the question of whether the US is intentionally stopping dinar from flowing to Iran or if there is another reason for this restriction.


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