Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-15-2023)

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Intel Guru Frank26

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] Firefly reported that the USA Treasury was making threats regarding sanctions on more banks in Iraq due to alleged misuse of the American dollar. However, Firefly was unsure about the situation as they couldn’t find any evidence of the dollar being misused. Frank tried to reassure Firefly by stating that the US Treasury is likely just pressuring Sudani and the board of directors to take action.

 Newshound Guru Militia Man 

We are in such an amazing environment that I cannot contain my excitement for what we have witnessed in the last 96 hours. Nothing but strong information coming from Al-Sudani, we have a US Treasury assistant coming…big companies…Stellar Energy…Total…Barzani blushing at them signed the agreement. We have a change of pace…

 Intel Guru Bruce

 [via WiserNow]…a delegation from the United States, a small group that included Judy Shelton, Stephen Munchin and several U.S. senators…went to Iraq to I would say, make the necessary changes. …they had to finish…they were already at home…I thought maybe they had finished what they came there to do…we heard that everything was finished and everything was signed…everything is done signed by our Treasury Department – and everything is in quotes, ready to go… I believe their return means Iraq is finally all ready to go… Everything ready to go, this is what we got from there our main source…

Newshound Guru Pimpy

An article about the first U.S. assistant Secretary of Treasury visiting Baghdad has sparked rumors about the purpose of the visit. However, the real reason for the visit is to ensure that banking applications are properly implemented in the area. Contrary to speculation, there is no mention of exchange rates in the article. It is important to note that the fact that the visitor comes from Treasury does not necessarily imply anything about the exchange rate. The assistant Secretary is simply coming to ensure that the banks in the area are aligned with reforms.

Newshound Guru Kaperoni 

We believe that in the coming months, JP Morgan in Iraq will enter the Iraqi banking system to help Iraq raise its banking profile to the world and provide a global banking offer.

Guru Nader From The Mid East 

We were told that the exchange rate would change. They made the decision… in New York. They agree on everything. Now it’s a waiting game. Now that the United States has the ball in their hands, they know who they will throw it to and how they will throw it. We don’t know that. We cannot control this. Now it is in the hands of the United States.

 Intel Guru Frank26

We are living in an incredible time… Why are the U.S. Treasury and Iran together with your central bank governor and your prime minister talking about international contracts, international agreements ? Why does this happen? Because everyone is getting ready for the new exchange rate when it comes out… it’s extraordinary…

  Newshound Guru Samson

Article: “Oilhits10-month high and Brent surpasses$94”

 Intel Guru MarkZ

[via PDK] It seems like we’re almost there. Sunday and Monday are highly anticipated due to the meetings on HCL agreements and with the US Treasury. Everything seems to be falling into place perfectly. All eyes are currently focused on the Sunday/Monday meetings in Iraq regarding HCL, and they’ve mentioned addressing the dinar exchange rate. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

 Intel Guru Angel1

A visitor from Iran came to see her and she accepted and signed agreements with them. These agreements have been put into action and Iran is no longer causing delays. On Wednesday, she had four meetings with Rosenberg who also met with Sudani and leaders from the GOI to discuss budgets. On Thursday, representatives from the Kurdistan region arrived and she had meetings with Sudani. The impressive thing is that Barzani seemed happy and not worried about salaries being paid because he trusts that parliament will make the right decisions regarding payments. This is the second post.

Intel Guru Angel1 

On Monday, Sudani made some important announcements which were broadcasted throughout the country. He discussed a lot of information and we will go over it step by step. We will review what has happened since Monday, where we currently stand, and how close we are to achieving our goals. On Tuesday, US Secretary Elizabeth Rosenberg arrived in Baghdad. She is an expert in international business and was there for that reason. Why is she there now? Because everything is essentially done except for two things in the country- the new currency and exchange rate. Those have been established and now they are focusing on international investment contracts and banking. Stay tuned for the second post.

Intel Guru Frank26

The Iraqi Prime Minister addressed the public for ninety minutes. Despite the country’s challenges, he conveyed a message of hope and reassurance. He did not express defeat or despair regarding the state of Iraq’s economy or currency. Instead, he emphasized the importance and positive impact of monetary and economic reforms. Overall, his speech aimed to provide comfort and confidence to the Iraqi people.

  Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat

It seems that the United States is slowly realizing what Iraq has already discovered years ago – that the Barrack Obama plan for economic reforms in Iraq won’t work unless the dinar is liberalized first. I recently reached out to my contact at the CBI to get an update on the situation in Iraq, and was pleasantly surprised to hear some good news. My contact has been assigned to a new team responsible for overseeing the rollout of new lower denominations and the redenomination process. According to my contact, the implementation of the project to delete the zeros is very close at hand. I was informed that it will be moving forward in the coming days, not months.

  Newshound Guru Militia Man

  [via PDK]  On Tuesday, the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury from the United States visited Iraq along with other American representatives. There were also representatives from various businesses and countries present, all discussing international trade. Among those present were Iran, Iraq, France, and the US, among others. The US Secretary of the Treasury holds significant power and is now allowing Iraq to join the international financial system. Additionally, the US is supporting the tripartite budget for the years 2023, 24, and 25. This move is significant as it allows Iraq and Iran to trade without relying on the US dollar. There are already deals in place with countries such as the UAE, France, Japan, and China. This marks an unprecedented era of international contracts and financial systems. It is truly an exciting time.


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