Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-12-2023)

Iraqi Dinar Guru Update
Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (09-12-2023)

Intel Guru Frank26

[Report from the ground in Kurdistan] SUPERGIRL: Yes, I’m ready to enter again.I’m sorry, but I’m simply too excited.After using the ATM for 30 minutes to collect cash, I went into the grocery store to find out who owned it. He rejected it. I mentioned that I tried to withdraw USD but was unable. He claimed that it will no longer provide you USD. Why, I asked? Because the exchange rate recently increased, he claimed. What time did that occur? a week ago. Are you serious, I asked. Yes, he replied. [Post 1 of 2…more to come]

Newshound Guru Militia Man

No member may place restrictions on the execution of payments and transfers relating to international commercial transactions without the Fund’s consent, according to Article VIII implicitly. Sections 2, 3, and 4 of Article VIII state that the agreement “encourages the free movement of capital between countries and the transfer of balances between other members…to facilitate the performance of international payments and work to create a stable exchange rate system which provides the appropriate foreign investments.” Article 14 implicitly indicates whether the member is willing to accept the obligations (which we haven’t quite seen yet)…Capital movement freedom is governed by Article VIII. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t have it and aren’t allowed to go get it.

Newshound Guru Pimpy 

Without the United States’ consent, Iraq is powerless. The punishments are in place. Only because I actually read that do I know that.

Newshound Guru Clare

The dollar is losing ground versus the Iraqi dinar for the second day in a row, according to the article.

Intel Guru Frank26

You will be able to see that the Iraqi dinar is currently trading in enormous volumes if you are a student of forex. It is positioning itself for the release of the new exchange rate.

Intel Guru MarkZ

Through PDK Expectations are still high, and everyone is prepared.


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