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Intel Guru Frank26 stated that :

Article: This week’s news articles are focused on the judiciary’s arrest of suspects involved in suspicious banking activities and the seizure of 15 million dollars. The reports highlight the success in cracking down on criminal activities such as money laundering. It is evident that the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) is working towards financial reform, and these actions are a step forward in achieving a clean and transparent monetary system.

Newshound Guru Clare stated that :

Article: The Prime Minister of the country, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, has issued a ban on any interference from agencies in the operations of exchange companies. This decision has been made to implement Resolution No. 56 of 2004, which grants exclusive monitoring and inspection powers to the Central Bank over all its financial institutions. Additionally, the Prime Minister has directed that other government agencies should not interfere with the Central Bank’s work.

Intel Guru MarkZ stated that :

[via PDK] User Question: Is this weekend going to be IT for us to finally see the changes?

MarkZ’s Answer: We cannot confirm with certainty, but there are many factors that indicate this weekend could be it. A significant number of pieces are falling into place, but we won’t know until it happens. The majority of my sources believe we are in the final stages, and Guru Mike Cottrell thinks it could happen any day now, or within a few weeks at most. My connections in wealth management have been getting ready for this for some time, and I believe we are closer than we realize.

Newshound Guru Kaperoni stated that :

According to Guru Pimpy, the reason for the dinar not being raised is due to US sanctions on Iraq. However, individual bank sanctions are unrelated to the value of the dinar. Until Iraq diversifies its economy, the dinar will continue to remain weak.

Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram stated that :

Through the integration of AI and its ability to gather information from across the internet, we have been able to uncover previously undisclosed information. Specifically, we have learned that those in positions of power anticipate an increase in the value of the Iraqi currency.

Newshound Guru Pimpy stated that :

I had predicted that the United States would interfere with Iraq after the agreement between them and Iran. It seems that the US is manipulating Iraq’s exchange rate, and recently, 14 banks have been targeted with sanctions. The reason given is that these banks are suspected of money laundering, but no concrete evidence has been provided by the US. Sadly, this suspicion is enough for the US to cause trouble for Iraq.

Intel Guru Bruce stated that :

At the party, Vietnam joined us and informed us that they are now Basel III compliant. Therefore, Vietnam is ready to proceed.

Newshound Guru Militia Man stated that :

The main goal and request is to promote the use of the dinar and reduce the dependency on the dollar. It is evident that efforts are being made to achieve this objective. The central bank law prohibits the use of the dollar, and adhering to IMF Article VIII compliance means that the dollar should not be used for local transactions. Consequently, the black market for currency exchange will no longer be necessary.

Intel Guru Frank26 stated that :

Can you explain what Article 304 is and its purpose? I am curious because it is said to protect the dinar. However, I am confused about how it can protect something as disposable as toilet paper. I mean, once it’s been used and flushed, it no longer needs protection, right? I’m just wondering why there’s suddenly a need to release Article 304. Has it been enforced in previous years or decades? It seems like there is a sudden crackdown by Sudani authorities on those who hinder the monetary reform. People are being arrested left and right, and it appears that Sudani is not taking any chances anymore.

Newshound Guru Clare stated that :

Article: The Iraqi Central Bank is set to introduce a series of measures next week aimed at decreasing the value of the dollar. According to a quote from the bank, decisions will be made that could have a significant impact on lowering the exchange rate of the dollar.

Intel Guru Bruce stated that :

[via WiserNow] Based on the current information, it seems that the rates for the Dong and Dinar are increasing. The Dong is especially impressive, while the Dinar is also performing well. In fact, they are both much better than anticipated. These rates are currently visible on bank screens.


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