Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (07-27-2023)

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Intel Guru Frank26 stated that :

FIREFLY: There is chatter on the streets about removing Alaq from his position at the CBI. It seems that he is not performing his job as expected, and some parliament members have asked Sudani to take action. According to FRANK, Alaq is merely a figurehead who listens to the board of directors at the CBI and says only what they want him to say. This talk is only happening among people on the streets.

Intel Guru MarkZ stated that :

[via PDK] I’ve been hearing chatter about the situation in Iraq and how they have been given a 72-hour deadline to address the price change following the protests. This information seems to align with everything else I’ve been hearing. Keep an eye out for any updates between last night and Monday night.

Newshound Guru Militia Man stated that :

Article: Many people were skeptical about the possibility of the exchange rate and the project to delete the zeros increasing. However, recent news has reiterated that the ‘deletion of the zeros’ project is still ongoing. From my understanding, this does not refer to removing three zeros from the currency notes but rather from the exchange rate. It is important to note this distinction as it is not about physically altering the notes themselves.

Newshound Guru CANDYKISSES stated that :

Article: According to a government source on Thursday, Baghdad and Erbil have signed an agreement committing to fully implementing the provisions of the general budget law. The agreement also requires the regional government to deliver oil to the Federal Ministry of Oil.

Intel Guru Frank26 stated that :

Article Quote: We have stopped printing the twenty thousand dinars banknotes due to the introduction of the 25 thousand dinars category. We have no plans to expand our current categories as we are still working on the project to delete zeros. Our goal now is to collect as many 25 thousand dinars banknotes as possible because it will help us remove the three zeros. This is a significant development from the Central Bank of Iraq.

Newshound Guru Clare stated that :

Article: According to the governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, the recent increase in the exchange rate of the dollar is temporary. He stated that there is no indication from the American side to include new banks within the sanctions. However, he also confirmed that the project to delete zeros from the currency is still in progress.

Intel Guru Bruce stated that :

[via WiserNow] As of right now, it appears that the Iraqi dinar is experiencing an increase in trading. The redemption center screens are showing rates that are quite significant and promising. These front screen rates are what we can expect to be offered. Additionally, the dong has also been steadily increasing in value. According to a redemption center representative, it seems like notifications may be sent out on Thursday and the exchanges may begin on either Thursday or Friday.

Intel Guru MarkZ stated that :

[via PDK] We’ll discuss the latest news from Iraq, which reports that bank owners and citizens are protesting against the decline of the Iraqi dinar due to the US ban on Iraqi banks. There is a lot of talk in Iraq about the pressure on Al Sadr and Sudani to resolve this issue as soon as possible. The US is also feeling the heat as it is losing its influence in Iraq. From what I understand, there is a strong push to take action within the next 48 hours, but I cannot confirm this as we’ve heard similar claims in the past.


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