Iraq reduces its holdings of US bonds by $400 million

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The US Depository Division declared on Tuesday that Iraq’s ownership of US bonds diminished by $400 million to reach about $32.6 billion last July.

The Depository expressed in its most recent table, seen by Shafaq News Organization, that “Iraq’s ownership of US Depository bonds for the long stretch of July 2023 diminished by $400 million to reach $32.6 billion after it was $33 billion during the earlier month,” showing that ” These bonds diminished by 6.12% contrasted with a similar period in 2022, when Iraq’s property of bonds added up to $34.6 billion.

In the Bedouin world, Saudi Arabia is at the very front of the nations with the most belonging, adding up to 109.2 billion bucks, and the UAE comes next with 64.9 billion bucks, then, at that point, Kuwait comes third with 42.5 billion bucks, then Iraq fourth and Oman fifth with 7.061 billion bucks.

She brought up that the country that holds the most US bonds is Japan, with $1.112 trillion, trailed by China, with $831.8 billion, trailed by the Unified Realm, with $662.4 billion, and afterward comes Luxembourg, with $349.9 billion.

US Depository bonds in July added up to about $7.563 trillion, an increment of 1.04 percent from their level around the same time last year of $7.463 billion.


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