Iraq recovers one of those involved in the case of stealing the “horn” from Jordan

Iraq recovers one of those involved in the case of stealing the
Iraq recovers one of those involved in the case of stealing the "horn" from Jordan

On Thursday, the Integrity Commission announced that a suspect in the theft of tax documents, also known as the “horn” theft in the media, has been apprehended in Jordan.

The Commission’s recovery department has issued a statement regarding the arrest of one of the businessmen involved in the theft of tax secretariats from the Jordanian authorities. They have noted that the recovery process was conducted under the close supervision and monitoring of the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani.

She stated that the defendant faces multiple charges of colluding with a prominent figure in the theft of tax secrets. The defendant allegedly aided fictitious foreign companies in obtaining facilities and arranged for them to waive fees for the main defendant in the case, resulting in the theft of over three trillion Iraqi dinars.

The Second Karkh Investigation Court has issued multiple arrest and search warrants against the accused for two theft cases involving tax secretariats and impersonation of a state official. As per Article (11/444) of the Penal Code and Resolution (160 of 1983), the circuit has added the accused to its list of wanted individuals.

The Prime Minister’s diplomatic efforts and his initiatives to establish cooperative bilateral relations with other countries have resulted in successful recoveries of convicts and smuggled funds. The most recent successes included the recovery of convicts from the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. Additionally, the Commission has opened two accounts in Rafidain Bank, in both dinars and US dollars, to deposit refunds. These refunds include stolen tax secretariat funds.

According to a reliable source interviewed by Shafaq News Agency, the Iraqi businessman Ahmed Al-Sarraf has been identified as the accused.

In October of last year, the public became aware of the “theft of the century” case, involving former high-ranking officials and businessmen. This caused great dissatisfaction among the people of Iraq, who have been protesting against corruption for years.

The “theft of the century” caused a lot of chatter among Iraqis, politicians, and others. The story even spread beyond Iraq and was covered by both Arab and Western media.

The infamous “theft of the century” involves the vanishing of 3.7 trillion Iraqi dinars (equivalent to roughly two and a half billion dollars) from tax secretariat funds. This alarming revelation was brought to light by various concerned parties around two months prior to the conclusion of the previous government led by Mustafa Al-Kazemi.


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