Iraq hopes to reopen its embassy in Sana’a.. Yemen: Baghdad played a positive role with the armistice agreement

Iraq hopes to reopen its embassy in Sanaa.. Yemen Baghdad played a positive role with the armistice agreement
Iraq hopes to reopen its embassy in Sanaa.. Yemen Baghdad played a positive role with the armistice agreement

Arab Foreign Minister Fouad Hussain, on Sunday, on the desire of the country to recapture its embassy in Sana’a after investigating security and stability in Yemen.

Hussain said in a joint press conference with his Yemeni counterpart Ahmed bin Mubarak, who is visiting the capital Baghdad, that the community relations between Iraq and Yemen still exist and remain, and we now have a large Iraqi network in Yemen.

He added that Iraq hopes for the return of stability and security in Yemen, and supports pacification and dialogue between all parties in it.

Hussain also pointed out that Iraq is ready to contribute in this field, and we can use our good relations to serve stability and security in Yemen, and we can move the climate within this framework, and if there is a need, we are ready to be part of the solution.

The Iraqi Foreign Minister emphasized the need to improve the humanitarian situation in Yemen, and facilitate the entry of aid materials, expressing his support for all efforts in this area, and supporting the end of human suffering as a result of the fighting and instability.

He added that humanitarian aid is important for the Yemeni society, but as a result, the conflicting parties can reach a solution from the economic point of view, it can be of service to the Yemeni society in particular, and the current economic situation is of service to the conflict and war, and we hope that Yemen will be stabilized through dialogue.

He went on to say that Yemen can export oil and gas and return to the global market again.

Hussain confirmed that the Iraqi government supports the Riyadh agreement signed in 2019 and welcomes the Saudi efforts to bring the Yemeni parties to the negotiating table, and we look forward to an agreement to end the war in Yemen.

He emphasized that it is necessary to find a solution to the war in the Zafar Sea in Yemen, insisting that: We look forward to coordinating with the Yemeni government in sending an Iraqi delegation according to the proposal of one of the Iraqi security agencies for the purpose of monitoring the situation of the Iraqi community there.

For his part, Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Mubarak said during the conference that Iraq played a big positive role in the Yemeni issue and the investigation of the truce, and in the preparation of the Saudi-Iranian agreement, expressing his regret that this agreement did not directly affect the situation in Yemen.

He emphasized that there is a truce, and we are committed to it, and we are willing to implement the peace agreement in Yemen.

He confirmed that Yemen is suffering from an economic crisis due to the destruction of oil export ports, and there is difficulty in delivering relief aid to the country.

And the Yemeni minister expressed his welcome to the Iraqi consular delegation visiting the country, saying that he enjoyed all the facilities from the Yemeni government, and the Iraqi foreign minister to Sana’a and all the Arab ministers.


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