Iran: Iraq is our first trading partner and we plan to establish a joint bank and a free trade zone

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Top of the West Asia Division at the Iranian Exchange Improvement Establishment, Farzad Belten, declared on Tuesday the Iranian government’s aim to lay out a joint bank and a joint streamlined commerce zone with Iraq.

Belten said in a discourse he conveyed before the Gathering for the Practical Improvement of Exchange among Iran and Iraq until 2025, which was held in the Iranian Office of Business, as per Fars News Organization, that “Iraq is our most memorable exchange accomplice the world and our accomplice in the field of electric energy in Asia.”

He added, “Consistently we witness an occasion in Iran connected with Iraq, like sending exchange designations and holding gatherings and presentations by the private and government areas, and this stems from the significance of exchange with Iraq.”

He proceeded, “We have 5 line intersections with Iraq, and the presence of shippers who are conversant in the Arabic language is viewed as a benefit for us in exchange with Iraq contrasted with Turkey.”

Belten highlighted the objective set to carry the volume of exchange with Iraq to 20 billion bucks, saying, “There is a choice taken to lay out new organizations with the support of the confidential area, including a complex of business focuses that can play out crafted by an enormous number of business attachés in offering types of assistance to shippers.”

He likewise expressed that “there is a pattern towards cooperation underway with Iraq and its organizations.”


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