Integrity threatens the thieves of the century.. The ropes of justice wrap around the necks of those close to Al-Kadhimi

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The series of debasement by Head of the state Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and his gathering of priests and consultants go on by introducing episodes of robbery that set standards in how much cash, the most unmistakable of which were the burglary of the hundred years and the sneaking of money and oil to Kurdistan, while Uprightness affirms its reaction to these robberies and its aim to recuperate the needed people and consider them responsible, as well as recuperating cash from abroad.

The top of the Respectability Commission, Judge Haider Hanoun, demonstrates that every one of those engaged with the expense stores issue will be attempted before the legal executive.

“The authority is following up on funds smuggled into Turkey worth $6 million, in addition to a building in Turkey,” Hanoun stated in a press conference that was followed by Al-Maalouma.

He added, “The Top state leader is genuinely trying to battle defilement and recuperate cash and needed people,” focusing on that “every one of those engaged with the duty stores issue will be attempted before the legal executive.”

He said, “We will go to Egypt in order to return the corrupt people and the smuggled money, and all countries will move toward them to return the money.” He was very clear about this.

The air terminal burglary is added to the outrage of the hundred years

Agent for Nineveh Governorate, Khaled Al-Obaidi, delegate of Nineveh Governorate, Khaled Al-Obaidi, uncovers invigorating insights about the defilement of previous State leader Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, demonstrating that his consultant took 54 billion dinars from the Nineveh Air terminal arrangement.

Al-Obaidi said in a broadcast interview followed by Al-Maalouma, “The reproduction consultant during Al-Kadhimi’s time got a pay off in return for marking an agreement to recreate Nineveh Air terminal to support an obscure Turkish organization.”

He added, “The past sum was 214 billion dinars, while 54 billion dinars were added to serve the consultant and senior Al-Kadhimi government.”

He called attention to that “development in Nineveh doesn’t surpass 20% and is restricted to clearing just,” showing that the schooling and wellbeing areas are among the most exceedingly awful areas in Nineveh, demonstrating that “serving intrigues in Nineveh is exceptionally “horrendous.”

Al-Kadhimi’s administration is thought of as the most bad, regardless of its short life, as record quantities of burglaries were recorded, like the burglary of the 100 years and others.

Al-Kazemi’s administration is transforming into an instrument for burglary

The head of the Territory of Regulation alliance, Haider Al-Lami, portrayed Al-Kadhimi’s administration as a way to hold onto Iraq’s cash during the past time frame, while affirming that there are numerous defilement records that were done by Al-Kadhimi and his group.

Al-Lami said, in a meeting with the Maalouma Organization, that “doubts of debasement are numerous and are not restricted to the food security regulation just,” taking note of that “most political coalitions protested passing the crisis support regulation in the past parliament.”

He proceeded, “The crisis support regulation is one of the false ways of pillaging Iraq’s abundance during the past time frame,” taking note of that “there are numerous defilement documents and dubious arrangements that occurred from the Al-Kadhimi government and those near him.”

With respect to infringement committed by the Al-Kadhimi government, Al-Lami affirms that “the past guardian government was just a way to hold onto Iraq’s cash during the past time frame,” adding that “most of the recommendations that were advanced were to move towards getting from the national bank.”

The pertinent parliamentary boards declared before that examinations concerning the Food Security Regulation supports would be continued again to figure out the payment of how much 25 trillion Iraqi dinars.

Individual from the Place of Delegates, Zahra Al-Bajari, had affirmed in a meeting with the “Al-Ma’louma” organization, that “Parliament’s move towards reinvestigating the payment of the Food Security Regulation assets is a positive development,” adding that there are numerous debasement documents that have been passed in Al-Kadhimi’s administration.


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