Including oil and gas.. A parliamentarian reveals the main reason behind not approving important laws

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The lack of consensus has prevented the adoption of important economic and political laws in Iraq, including those related to oil and gas, according to Muhammad Al-Ziyadi, the representative of the State of Law coalition..
In a statement to Al-Maalouma, Al-Ziyadi expressed concern about the House of Representatives’ lack of progress in passing important legislation. He highlighted that, apart from the draft budget, no significant laws have been completed during the current session. This has led to criticism from various quarters. Al-Ziyadi also noted that the government has not submitted any bills to Parliament, apart from the budget, since taking office.
“The failure to pass important laws that directly affect citizens’ lives is due to the lack of consensus among political parties,” he said. Al-Ziyadi urged the state administration forces to hold new sessions and agree on crucial laws, such as oil and gas, and instruct the government and parliament to vote on them.
According to a statement from Mudar Al-Karawi, a member of the Legal Committee, over 20 laws will be presented to the House of Representatives. The most significant of these is the oil and gas law, but its resolution will require political agreement from all parties involved. This information was confirmed in a previous statement to Al-Maalouma.


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