Government talk about the dollar crisis: We may have to do this

Government talk about the dollar crisis: We may have to do this
Government talk about the dollar crisis: We may have to do this

The Iraqi government spokesperson, Basem Al-Awadi, has disclosed the achievements of the government of Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani during its first year in power. Al-Awadi highlighted that the government has established a set of political norms in its program. He also mentioned that the government may have to sell the dollar directly if the crisis persists.

During an interview on Al-Sumaria TV’s Twenty program, Al-Awadi expressed optimism for the government’s first year and a commitment to providing the best possible outcome.

It was noted that Al-Sudani introduced a set of political norms in his government program, focusing on addressing poverty, unemployment, employment, and services. He also implemented executive oversight of the decisions and orders, which was not present before. Additionally, he introduced a semi-annual report to assess the government’s performance.

During its first year, the government accomplished over 35% of its program.

He stated that during the first year, they were able to save one billion dollars by preventing wastage, and recovered more than one hundred million dollars. They received 30,000 reports and investigated 8,690 individuals. As a result, 3,015 arrest warrants were issued, 1,300 people were arrested, and they managed to recover 70 files of fugitives.

During his speech, Al-Awadi addressed the issue of the dollar crisis and emphasized its impact on the prices of cars, real estate, and construction materials. However, he also noted that the government has successfully maintained the prices of essential commodities such as food, which is of utmost importance.

He said, “We will use the yen for trading with China, and the toman and dirham for Iran and the Emirates.”

He pointed out that if the crisis continues, the government may have to sell the dollar directly through exchanges to combat inflation that decreased by 4%.

During the Cairo summit, Al-Sudani made a speech that caused rumors about Washington’s anger. The government spokesman clarified that Iraq is a sovereign country and has the right to make its own decisions. Al-Sudani simply expressed the position of Iraq and its people through his speech. The government does not concern itself with who accepts or is upset with this position.

He emphasized that there were no threats received specifically regarding Al-Sudani’s speech, and that it is the responsibility of the government to properly protect its missions.


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