Frame: Sudanese’s visit to Moscow will discuss 7 files

Frame: Sudanese’s visit to Moscow will discuss 7 files

During his visit to Moscow, the leader of the Coordination Framework, Turki Al-Otbi, revealed the prominent files of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani on Saturday.

During an interview, Al-Utbi mentioned that Iraqi-Russian relations have been ongoing for several decades. Russia supported Baghdad by expediting the delivery of military equipment, including combat aircraft, after June 2014.

During the upcoming Sudanese visit to Moscow, seven critical topics will be discussed, including military and economic cooperation. The presence of major oil companies will be a key focus, as well as the potential for Russian companies to invest in energy, construction, and industry.

He noted that Iraq’s neutral stance on the Ukrainian crisis could improve its relationship with Russia. Russia is a crucial player in the global energy market and a significant supplier of weapons, including the S-400 systems.

The Kremlin announced that the Iraqi Prime Minister will visit Moscow and meet Putin next week.


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