Deputy: 5 advantages of the development path other than the Biden corridor

iraqi news

Thursday, Representative Aqeel Al-Fatlawi confirmed that the Iraqi development path has five advantages.

Al-Fatlawi said in a meeting with Al-Maalouma, “The improvement way isn’t simply a task, yet rather the extent of a way that will make a subjective change in the record of global ways for exchange development between the districts of Asia and Europe.”

He added, “There are five benefits of the Iraqi improvement street, the most eminent of which is its shortening of the distance between the Middle Eastern Bay and Europe, going through Turkey, notwithstanding the low material costs as far as dumping, stacking and travel, notwithstanding the adaptability of moving merchandise to a wide organization of European nations through rail lines.”

He brought up that “Biden’s undertaking to make ways from India through the Bedouin Inlet and afterward to Europe is without financial advantage, and all readings demonstrate that the Iraqi advancement way is awesome and most affordable.”

“There are many countries interested in the development project that will create job opportunities, economic recovery, and lead to the birth of new cities along its path,” he said.

A month prior, the Head of the state sent off the program to lay out an improvement street that stretches out from the huge port of Al-Faw through an organization of rail lines and thruways to Turkey to move products


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