“Before 2003”.. Al-Sudani: We do not deny the existence of relations of some political forces with countries in the region

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On Friday, Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani stated that certain political factions had established relationships with regional nations before the 2003 change.
During a dialogue session at the American Council on Foreign Relations while visiting New York, a statement was received by Shafaq News Agency.
According to Al-Sudani, Iraq experienced a difficult period dealing with terrorism, from Al-Qaeda to ISIS. However, following the defeat of ISIS, a new era began for Iraq. The fight against ISIS brought together Iraqis from all backgrounds, leading to a shift away from sectarian, nationalist, and ethnic divisions that affect stability.
He mentioned that political competition is occurring through constitutional mechanisms. Some individuals are going to the Federal Court or participating in elections, which is a positive indication of the political system’s stability. The constitution provides the necessary mechanisms for amending it, and anyone who wants to amend it can do so by following constitutional procedures.
He mentioned concerns about certain aspects of a potential return to the presidential system. He acknowledged that some political groups have relationships with other countries in the region, some of which predate the recent changes. Additionally, some countries have supported the political process that has taken place.
Al-Sudani stated that they do not welcome any external party’s involvement in effecting change in the political process. He acknowledged that the country experienced a challenging period after the 2021 elections, but everyone respected the constitutional framework and came to a political agreement to establish the government. This demonstrates the country’s maturity in handling the political process.
He emphasized the importance of distinguishing between positive relations with neighboring countries and negative intervention and aggression against Iraq, and rejected any transgression or aggression.
He emphasized that every country, including the United States, needs to honor Iraq’s sovereignty and the desires of its people if they want to establish a relationship with the nation. He also pointed out that Iraq is a diverse country with various groups that have lived together peacefully for a long time and that attempting to disrupt its social fabric will not promote stability.
He emphasized the significance of reforming the economy, which involves diversifying it and avoiding economic isolationism. He also mentioned that the needs of the Iraqi people are increasing due to population growth, and oil revenues alone cannot meet those needs.
Below are the highlights of what Al-Sudani spoke
🔷We aim to invest wasted resources in vital sectors like agriculture, industry, trade, and tourism to achieve economic reform.
🔷 The development of the Al-Faw port and its associated projects will transform Iraq’s economy and landscape.
🔷 The importance of investing in associated gas is not only to address environmental problems, but also to produce up to 2500 megawatts of electricity from solar energy.
🔷Many emerging parties will participate in the upcoming elections.
🔷 The heist of the century involved leaders from Iraq’s highest decision-making centers, and arrest warrants were issued for senior officials from the previous government.
🔷Those accused of the theft of the century hold American and British citizenship and are currently in the United States. We are waiting for these countries to help us recover them.
🔷 Countries establish their relations with Qatar based on their cooperation in handing over those wanted for the theft of the century. Our government will persist in pursuing them and bringing them to justice, regardless of their positions. For further information, please see additional resources.
🔷 It’s been reported that around 3 trillion dinars were stolen in front of the previous government, including its security services and highest officials. The majority of this money was transferred to foreign banks, but efforts are being made to retrieve the rest of it within Iraq.
🔷 “Our decision is based on the interests of our people and is not influenced by the wishes of America, Iran, or Turkey.”
🔷I am worried about the situation in Syria due to the presence of terrorist groups and areas that are not under the control of the government. Additionally, there are foreign forces in the country, and the instability in Syria poses a threat to the stability of neighboring countries. On another note, let’s talk about drugs.
🔷 Due to the presence of areas outside the state’s control, people are fleeing Syria. Iraq, Jordan, and even the Gulf states are suffering from this issue.
🔷Many delegations have started visiting Iraq’s religious and historical tourist sites since the Pope’s visit. The tourism sector is a priority for the government.
🔷 To American company representatives: we ensure a safe investment environment in Iraq.
🔷 There is no political crisis between Baghdad and the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Rather, there have been financial and legal problems that have been resolved through dialogue and understanding. The Kurdistan Region is a crucial player in the political process and an integral part of our economic projects that benefit all Iraqis.
🔷 I am studying a strategic project for optimal use of water in Iraq.
🔷 There is an existential challenge in Iraq regarding water shares, as upstream projects from neighboring countries have caused a crisis. Intense diplomatic efforts are underway to address this issue.
🔷In order to provide water to Basra and the southern governorates, a Gulf water desalination project was established.


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