Anbar.. Warnings against Al-Halbousi’s team seizing control of the election ballots and falsifying the results

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Naeem Al-Dulaimi, one of the sheikhs and notables of Anbar Governorate, cautioned on Saturday of the repercussions of the Taqadum Party, drove by Muhammad Al-Halbousi, embedding its individuals into the Political decision Commission, showing that this step expects to accomplish triumph to the detriment of different coalitions.

Al-Dulaimi said in a proclamation to the Al-Ma’louma Organization, “The Taqaddum Party constrained its delegates into the Commission’s office, which made a condition of despondency among residents who trust that these decisions will be fair and liberated from misrepresentation and tension on the Commission to accomplish the cravings of Al-Halbousi and his party.”

He continued, “Due to the lack of political understandings, the efforts of the influential blocs and parties may drag the governorate into political conflicts that will cast a shadow on the security situation.”

He brought up that “the decision party is working in a mysterious way, under the guise of debasement documents, to eliminate various heads of administration divisions and supplant them with figures faithful to the party in a stage that would empower the decision party to control all administration divisions.”

Al-Dulaimi proceeded, “Anbar will observer a political battle between the Taqadum Party and different gatherings to get political increases and not to serve individuals of the governorate.”


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