An economist explains the reasons for delaying the implementation of the general budget

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Today, on Wednesday, financial expert Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani attributed the delay in implementing the budget to requests submitted to the Federal Court regarding specific sections of the general spending plan. He emphasized that Article 16 was the most prominent article that the government focused on after approving the budget in the House of Representatives.

During a meeting with the Maalouma Organization, Al-Mashhadani mentioned that the Bureaucratic Court has not yet responded to the government’s request regarding the legal implications of the articles. He also noted that the government is concerned about the language used in the article, which allows officials to enter into contracts with companies that are developing major cities.

He proceeded, “The postpone in the spending plan doesn’t have anything to do with the forthcoming common gathering races, as per what is being circled as of late,” bringing up that “the defer in executing the financial plan is because of requests submitted to the Government Court for certain sections of the general spending plan.”

Al-Mashhadani proceeded, “The Administrative Court’s decision to return the material will cost the public authority the amounts of the reformatory circumstances endorsed with organizations subsidiary with the confidential area,” calling attention to that “there are covered up reasons inside the public authority that poor person been reported at this point.”

Albeit a while have passed since the Place of Delegates decided on the arrangements of the general spending plan regulation, the public authority has not executed them on the ground, as well as having not sent assets to the services and governorates up to this point, in the midst of uncertain and undeclared reasons.


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