Al-Sudani urges Iraqis to use electronic payment

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On Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani presided over a special meeting to monitor the implementation of the unified treasury account. He emphasized the importance of encouraging citizens to use electronic payment methods.
According to a statement received by the Shafaq News Agency, Al-Sudani led a meeting to discuss the progress of implementing a unified treasury account and the use of electronic payment methods, such as electronic cards and point-of-sale systems. The meeting also addressed potential incentives and benefits for citizens who choose to use electronic payment options in order to encourage their adoption.
During the meeting, Al-Sudani was presented with a thorough overview of the measures already taken, the progress made, and the requirements for further progress. He emphasized the importance of ongoing meetings with technicians and specialists to overcome any obstacles. These measures are crucial financial, banking, and economic reforms that the government prioritizes in its program..
In early June, the Central Bank of Iraq made an announcement regarding the activation of Council of Ministers Resolution No. (23044) for 2023. The resolution aims to boost the use of electronic payment devices (POS) in both government institutions and the private sector. This initiative seeks to encourage electronic payment culture and minimize the use of paper money in commercial transactions and collections.


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